Floral Designs


Floral Designs

  • Casual
  • Formal

Casual Floral Arrangements

Snowballs, mums and gerbera daisies

Snowballs, mums, & gerbera daisies in a Jon Almeda vase

Yellow and white lillies

Yellow and white lilies in a vase by Red Dragon

Daisies viburnum

Daisies, viburnum & yarrow in a Jane Graber jug

Mixed pink peonies

Mixed pink peonies in a celadon vase by Red Dragon

Spring flowers

Spring flowers in a white basket

Blue hydrangeas

Blue hydrangeas, cornflowers & lady’s mantle in a Vince Stapelton vase
Lilancs bowlMixed lilacs in a white porcelain bowl


Mixed sunflowers in a blue & white vase
SOLD, $375 

Hydrangeas Daises

Mixed hydrangeas, daisies & lady’s mantle in white porcelain vase
SOLD, $425

Mixed hydrangeas

Mixed hydrangeas in a white porcelain bowl
SOLD, $395

Pink coral tulips

Pink and coral tulips in a Jon Almeda vase

Yellow peach tulips

Yellow, peach & cream tulips in a floral ginger jar
SOLD $300

Red yellow tulips

Red, yellow & cream tulips in a Jon Almeda vase
SOLD, $315

Sunflowers basket

Sunflowers in a wooden basket
SOLD, $250 


Mixed sunflowers in a copper vase
SOLD, $350 

Tudor roses

Red, pink and  yellow roses in a pewter vase
SOLD $325

Wild flowers

Mixed wildflowers in a Jon Almeda vase
SOLD, $350
New arrangements to come    

Formal Floral Arrangements

Sunflowers, cornflowers, daises

Sunflowers, cornflowers and daisies in a blue & white, signed (SD) vase

Pink Yellow wildflowers floral

Pink and yellow wildflowers

Yellow Blue Coral Floral

Study in yellow, blue and coral, in a floral ginger jar

Blue White Floral

Blue and white triangular arrangement
SOLD, $225 

Chartruese Mums

Large fan arrangement with chartreuse mums
SOLD, $450

White Green Floral

Large white and green floral design in a Vince Stapelton footed vase
SOLD, $395 

Blue Yellow White

Large blue, yellow & white foyer arrangement in a blue & white ginger jar
SOLD, $500 

Pink Blue White

Pink, blue and white arrangement in a hand-blown rose glass vase

Dutch Floral

“After Van Huysum” Dutch floral arrangement
SOLD, $650 

Pink Yellow Floral

Large pink & yellow floral arrangement

Red yellow white floral

Red, yellow & white floral design in a vase by “A Woman’s Touch"
SOLD, $395

Pink Lilies

Pink lilies and nerines in a footed vase
SOLD, $400 

Purple Pink Floral

Small purple, pink and blue arrangement in a vase by A Woman’s Touch
SOLD, $275 

Roses and Ranunculus

Roses and ranunculus in a footed compote
SOLD, $325 


Viburnum and cosmos in a vase by Avon

White on White floral

Large white on white arrangement in a celadon vase by Vince Stapelton
SOLD, $425 

Yellow White Floral

Lilies, tulips, and forsythia branches in a celadon vase by Vince Stapleton
SOLD, $395 

 Foyer floral

Large foyer arrangement in pink, burgundy and blue
SOLD, $450 

Marlas Grand floral

Large foyer arrangement in pink and yellow
SOLD, $450 

New formal arrangements to come


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