Hawaiian Floral Designs

Plumeria Branch

Plumeria branch in a stone vessel
SOLD  $350

Aloha Spirit

King protea and plumeria in a Vince Stapleton vase

Hanalei Sunset

Ginger, hibiscus, heliconia, and tropical foliage in a turned ebony vase
SOLD, $450

Kauai Calls

Heliconi, anthurium, hibiscus and orchids in a Vince Stpaleton vase
SOLD, $395


Bird of Paradise, hibiscus and tropical foliage in a bamboo vase
SOLD, $275 

Hibiscus Bush

Hibiscus bush in an Alex Micheljohn pot

Kukui plant lei

Lei made with the flowers, leaves and fruit of the Kukui plant

Kuku nut lei

Kukui nut lei
SOLD, $50 

Plumeria Blossom lei

Plumeria blossom lei
SOLD, $75 

Ti leaves and He'e nut lei

Man’s lei made from Ti leaves and He’e nuts
SOLD, $50  

Ti Leaves Lei

Man’s lei made from red Ti leaves
SOLD, $50 
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